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CONCLUSION IV. Drugs and therapies

As we saw earlier, depression has two main axes: one biological and one psychological.

Drugs only address the biological side of depression, which is why that a depression must, be completely healed, combine medication and psychotherapy.
- Versant psychological this side of the disease treated solely with psychotherapy performed by a child psychiatrist or psychiatrist or even a psychologist, that the target (s) involved and the circumstances of occurrence of depression and helps the adolescent to analyze his depression to better cure. Sometimes psychotherapy alone is enough, while the drugs alone may not suffice since , they only treat the symptoms and not causes.
- Versant biological : if one excludes the electro- convulsivothérapie or ECT (formerly ECT), there that one type of drugs that act directly on depression: what are the antidepressants.

Antidepressants have several types of actions on the body. The first antidepressants in 1959, called the WAMI (inhibitors monoamineoxydase ), which as the name implies, inhibit MAO or monoamine oxidase , the enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters. These molecules, although effective, had many drawbacks: side effects, diet Mandatory Food, which have reduced their usage to almost nothing now. Shortly after the MAOI appeared the Tricyclics that act on serotonin and norepinephrine, these medicines still in use are highly effective but still have many side effects (weight gain, dry mouth ,...). Then came the IRS ( reuptake inhibitors of serotonin ) soon followed by SNRIs ( reuptake inhibitors of serotonin and norepinephrine), which has the advantage that 'they are as effective as the first antidepressant but have much fewer side effects, allowing better compliance requirements.

The onset of action of antidepressants is 10 to 20 days on average: it is from this time that symptoms begin to disappear.
But depression is not cured when all symptoms have disappeared, and we must continue taking medication for several months or longer, to be sure that the cure is achieved.

other hand, it is necessary to take an important precaution at the beginning of treatment: in fact, while the first days treatment the patient remains depressed, the drug restores energy to the patient, is what is called the lifting of psychomotor inhibition, it is this period that suicide risk is stronger because the patient is depressed and has enough force to injure. To counter this adverse effect of antidepressants, it combines them to anxiolytic (or neuroleptics when suicide risk is very high or if the patient has schizophrenia or hallucinations). The anxiolytic , as their name indicates "killed" by lowering anxiety psychomotor ability of patients due to their sedative effect. some anxiolytic herbal have a very high dose (10 to 15 tablets per day).

In summary, there are constraints or rules to be observed in drug treatment: "It is a treatment course of 6 to 12 months at least for a single depressive episode. -A minimum dose needed for treatment to be effective. He must never stop treatment suddenly, abrupt constituting a risk of depressive relapse. The most effective way to treat depression remains an alliance psychotherapy and medication. There is no specific antidepressants for adolescents: indeed, it is the same as for adults, but some are banned prescription for minors in France. The major antidepressants.

Listing two molecules used as an antidepressant.



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