Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chickenpox Virus Life

II.Causes symptoms and effects 1. c.

c. Adaptive strategies

adaptive strategies are a set of strategies antidepressant form of defense mechanisms which inefficiency lead to a depression. We consider four important:

The narcissistic withdrawal : it is a period or young person trying to get used to his body changing. He tries to resume contact and body control.

regression : Here, adolescence is a period of denial of sexuality and regression oral (eating more or less, smoking, snacking).

The hyperactivity : it will allow the boy does not or no longer think of the different transformations that occur.
The group identification: a period, the adolescent identifies with his peers in the way of dressing, walking, talking.

Several adaptive strategies can may only appear in the same individual. Indeed, adolescents may attempt to identify with a group, smoking (regression), or by copying their dress while trying to regain control of his body ( piercings, hair dyeing ...)



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